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Can I share with you

Painting is for me like 'a cat purring'
Something deep inside of me tells me what or how
When I paint it's like somebody's caressing my hair
Just one dot of orange, blue, purple or green can make the difference

How this website works


In my online store you will see two different options.
Original art and PRINTS.


Please always contact me if you want to buy an original piece.
I want to serve you and be involved in a personal matter to explain the piece and determine the best shipping option.
You can see online which one is sold and which one is still available. Easy.


You can easy order the prints up to 5 pieces. 
When larger amounts please contact me as well, because I can give you a discount plus other shipping costs need to be calculated.
I ship to everywhere in the world and beyond. :)
The shipping is not so expensive, even tough in live in Hawaii. The smallest size is $10 , larger sizes around $20.

Shipping gets calculate when you check out.




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