About me

I love to be mysterious as a Rainbow....I am there, and I am not.
than am back again...no am not.

I love space and freedom. Free spirit. Who doesn't, right?

I think, that's what i love when i am with the dolphins, free spirit.
No thought, no ego.
Space i love space.

I have a natural talent that animals feel safe with me.
Dolphins, dogs, cats....they kind of immediately trust me. 
The secret is SPACE.
I meet them where they are and don't want to change anything in that.

No push, no force...only space.

Space is love. It is a GIVING energy.

I love space and i always intend in each painting to contain that depth of space and freedom.


I was born in Belgium and painted since I am a little girl. At 2 or three years old I was scribbling on everything I could lay hands on. I made an illustration book of my parents marriage certificate or I provided our empty walls with exquisite murals. Family picture books would have funny faces on each page....LOL

It's all my dad's fault. I inherited his talent for art. He is an architect/artist.
When I was about 7 he would draw anything i asked him.
I admired how easy it was for my dad to draw with pure imagination and improvisation.
My mom gave me the gift of sensitivity. She was very sensitive of what happened with other's. She was very empathetic.

These two gifts and the sense of color. something I loooooove to do.
Colors are food for me. It gives me such a happiness.
I love to bring balance between the different colors of the rainbow.
To bring depth in the layers of colors.
Each color for me is like a being.
A part of God.

God ,the Universe, paints through me.
Life is color. Life is fun and joy.

I am of course influenced where ever I live. You''ll see work from Belgium and you'll see the change when i came to Hawaii.
Subjects change, the artist changes, matures...

In 2003 when i was still in Belgium I illustrated, wrote and published 3 children's books.

I wrote and illustrated a poem book. (together with Peggy Dewinter)

I illustrated a dolphin book for an animal organization who fights dolphins in captivity.



I illustrated a Hawaiian children's book, that still needs to be published.


And I illustrated a poem book for someone in Belgium.



I made murals in a dentist office in Maui and  in the youth hostel in Kealakekua.


I visited hawaii in 2006 and never left. I live now in Kona, Hawaii.
I fell in love with the dolphins. they are my ohana (family).
I learned their sign language, most of their sound language their behavior.
I introduced my language and words and together we created a vocabulary that made a deep connection.
They trust me completely. every day I visit them to see who is where.
I know a lot of dolphins individually.
I've created some songs for them that translates to 'I LOVE YOU'.
It is my gift of love to them.


Welcome in my world of colors, space and LOVE!